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Reidar Åsgård
Granbergveien 727
2440 Engerdal

Trine-Lise Bjørnebye
47 997 07 979

Reidar Åsgård
47 918 23 878

Fasttelefon: 62 45 87 78

E-mail: kraggbua-engerdal@

Practical Information:

What is the price? Rental rate per day in 2014 will be from NOK 1600 to NOK 2600, depending on the time. In 2015, prices will be NOK 1700 and NOK 2800. Prices include wood, gas, candles, kitchen utensils and whatever else is in the cabin for use as a guest. See also the price list on the home page under RATES AND RESERVATIONS (BOOKING)

Lowest price you can find on ordinary weekdays, most costs on Fridays and Saturdays.

What if I need to cancel?

If you cancel or move the date at least 14 days before the agreed arrival, refunded 90 percent of the amount paid. If canceled between 14 and 5 days before the agreed arrival refunded half the amount. Cancellation later than it gives no right to any refund.

It is advisable to have travel insurance. 

How many people is true price for, and we need to share the cabin with others?

The price applies regardless of number, but there are beds for a maximum of eight people. No, you must not share the cabin with others. 

How to pay?

You will receive an invoice by e-mail. 

How is one day's rent for the time?

Arrival from at 1,500 and departure by at least 1300. 

How can we arrive and find key to the cabin?

When the rent is paid, you will receive directions, telling you where to park and how to access the key.

Dog on the cottage?

I'm afraid not. You must leave your four-legged friend at home. 

What can I find / see from Kraggbua?

From the lodge you will observe life in birdhouses, at feeding places for deer and elk, and in places where it is laid out food to lure the fox, marten and wolverine in fortunate cases. The ability to see animals and photographing will vary from season to season, and besides being dependent on weather, coincidence and self-care. 

Fancy a fishing trip or just a hike in the woods and mountains?

There are many fishing places and hiking trips in the surrounding area and even more in Engerdal . There are also countless hiking destinations, too many open arcs where you can enjoy a picnic.

You will get good information (as well as information on fishing licenses) by accessing the Engerdal fjellstyre*s website