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Tretopphytta I Engerdal

Granbergveien 727, 2440 Engerdal

Trine-Lise Bjørnebye
47 997 07 979

Reidar Åsgård
47 918 23 878


Kraggbua - treetop cabin

Welcome to our treetop cabin. You can find it 250 km north of Oslo in the county of Engerdal, in a mountain village called Granberget. Named after the pine trees its rests on, Kraggbua lies 7 m above the ground and about 740 m above sea level. Available throughout the year, Kraggbua is insulated for the harsh Norwegian winters and has log burner, a gas stove and kitchen, as well as solar powered lamps and cameras allowing you to watch the nature around you. Kraggbua was finished 15th July 2014 and is now ready for rent . You log in to the booking system (booking) and reserve the cabin online.  

Kraggbua is a place where you can be close to nature, with mountains, forests and changeable weather all part of the charming scenery. You can experience the icy winter nights with sparkling moonlight and the northern lights, or the busy mountain spring where birds sing and life begins. You can also enjoy the summer with conifers, birch and forest undergrowth at their greenest, and the transition to a colourful autumn.  The emphasis is on getting as close as possible to nature, the delight of those who want to experience the forest animals, or the chance to take special photos. You can see further details under NATURE.


Contacts: Trine-Lise Bjørnebye and Reidar Asgard. For more detailed information please call/send an SMS to Trine-Lise or Reidar. Alternatively you can call the landline (47 62458778) or e-mail