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Datum: 29-01-2023

Door: George


I have tried a lot of recovery agents lately and I was not able to find one that is sincere enough to help me out with my scammed funds, not until I was referred to George. He helped me get back my scammed funds right in 2weeks. I am really impressed by this and I hope you give him a try. Contact George via Cryptorefunder360(at)gmail(dot)com

Datum: 26-01-2023

Door: Asorehackcorp


ASOREHACKCORP is a financial regulator, private investigation and funds recovery body. We specialize in cases as regards ETHICAL HACKING, CRYPTOCURRENCY, FAKE INVESTMENT SCHEMES and RECOVERY SCAM. We are also experts in CREDIT REPAIR, we analyze what’s impacting your score.
All software tools needed to execute RECOVERIES from start to finish are available in stock.
Kindly NOTE that the available tools does NOT apply to CREDIT FIX.

Be ALERT to FALSE reviews and testimonies on the internet, the authors and perpetrators unite to form a syndicate.

Contact our support team as soon as you can via the email address below to get started.

Stay Safe !

Datum: 20-01-2023

Door: Kate Mansi


While investing, I suffered a significant loss in the forex and cryptocurrency markets. I received a message on Instagram introducing me to investment plans with great profit margins, however they were all lies and fraudulent advertising. I was left feeling angry about my losses because I had committed a lot of money and they continued pushing for more. Thankfully, my spouse recommended a crypto and forex software security company called Geek Squad Cyber recovery to me. In less than a week after the start of my rehabilitation program, they assisted me in recovering all of the damages I had incurred. I was really happy about this because I invested a significant portion of my savings. I was able to recoup 210,000 in all that I lost to these phony investors.

The following is their recovery team's email address for their effective crypto recovery assistance. or +1 (575) 552‑5946

Datum: 25-11-2022



I am posting this comment here because I want to be of help to everyone out
there, after going through a series of turmoil to recover my crypto tokens even though many
people told me it’s impossible.
If you have lost your bitcoin as a result of investing in binary options,
trading platforms, hacked wallet accounts ,other cryptocurrency related scams or
any form of online scam, then You’re not alone. (I lost over $30,000 to
Being a scam victim myself, I tried several means to recover my coins all
to no avail, till I came across a FINANCIAL AND CRYPTOCURRENCY  recovery specialists address
online -  QUADHACKED@GMAIL.COM . He literally saved my life, all i lost to
these fake investors skyrockettrade was recouped in just a few days (a
total of 3.7721 BTC) , send a message to the contact above if you’ve been
in such situations and you are seeking recovery, go get yourself the help
you need.

Datum: 21-10-2021

Door: nym135714krya

Onderwerp: top135714hyerge

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Datum: 10-07-2021

Door: CoreyRaw

Onderwerp: The Best Offer of The Year!

This year turned out to be very difficult. But we have optimized and reduced the cost of our products!
It is almost impossible to find prices lower than ours, the sale is at the cost price level.
Watch and be surprised by our super low prices

Datum: 02-10-2021

Door: StephanieGeld

Onderwerp: StephanieGeld Lol

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Datum: 10-07-2021

Door: DavidwaP

Onderwerp: New offer!

Super offer 2021

Datum: 17-11-2020

Door: М ы д а р и м В а м л o т e p e й н ы й б и л е т ! П е р е х о д и т е и з а б е р и т е : JUYEGRT523104SVWVE

Onderwerp: Необходимо ваше действие

Д а р и м В а м л o т e p e й н ы й б и л е т . Ж е л а е м в а м п о б е д ы ! П е р е й т и к п о л у ч е н и ю в ы и г р ы ш н о г о б и л е т а : NFDAW523104TUJE

Datum: 29-07-2021

Door: Oduvan4ikCUCH

Onderwerp: Oduvan4ikCUCH Lol

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