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Gift Certificates

It is also possible for you to buy a gift card, a nice gift for a romantic occasion, a special experience to a åremålsdag, or any occasion. Nowadays, we usually all of the material things and creature comforts. A moody evening and night in Kraggbua, free from trivial questions and bustle, just left to nature, moods and life itself, tops it all. The memory back, stand on a different value scale.

Ordering gift certificates

If you would like to order a gift certificate, do the following: Contact email
Whoever buys the gift card must send your name, complete address, phone number and desired value.
As you will see below ORDER / PRICES we have two alternative lodging option, the normal every day (most reasonable) and weekends (most expensive). Which of these options to be used, you do not have to decide when you order gift card. Gift Recipient can even add any amount if he or she wants a different price, several days, or longer into the future.
The gift certificate is valid for two years. Gift Certificate Buyer will receive an invoice sent by e-mail, or otherwise if the gift card buyer wants it.
When the encoder receives the gift certificate from us, sent in the neutral envelope so the gift can not be easily disclosed, fills you in the name of and from, any amount or other text. The gift card is printed on quality paper and costs by mail 60 million. Each gift card has its own number for us to keep track of the orders.

To those who have received a Gift Certificate
Welcome to visit the website, click here to go to ORDER in the main menu.
First, look for the dates that are available, see ORDERING how this is done. Once you have found suitable date, which is free and is suitable for you, reserving the date as described.
You can also order additional services (linen and laundry), or expand with additional accommodation or book weekend even if the gift card has a value
equivalent accommodation in ordinary everyday life.
Then send your email to us ( with reference to the gift card number on the gift card, usually the name of the gift card purchase. If the reservation price ratio is higher than the gift card's face value, we charge this amount for you.
The gift certificate is valid for two years but within such time frame may be a price increase that you need to calculate as well.
If you have any questions you would otherwise have, please contact us by email or telephone.Giftcard