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Tretopphytta I Engerdal

Trine-Lise Bjørnebye
47 997 07 979

Reidar Åsgård
47 918 23 878


Good to know when renting:

"Kraggbua" is insulated for winter use and has room for up to eight people. It has a wood burner, gas stove, fridge and all necessary cooking and dining equipment, such as saucepans, frying pan, plates, cutlery, glasses and cups. There is also toilet paper, kitchen-role, detergents, candles and birdseed, all of which are included in the rental price. The lodge also has a sofa (which can be made into two beds at night), table, chairs and kitchen counter.

The cabin is equipped with reading lights and solar powered sockets that are capable of 230 v, this allows you to charge small devices such as laptops or mobile phones. The  solar power also covers some technical equipment that monitors the bird boxes and displays the footage on the TV screen. The system can also be used to display your own pictures (using "chips") brought separate to your camera.

There are also two binoculars, as well as some books to determine the names of animals, birds and plants.

An outhouse is located just below Kragbua on the ground and in it you will find a toilet, a stack of wood and futher supplies. 

You can rent sheets and towels, enter the number and see prices on the booking system. Wash after stay is also priced there.

What you must bring: Food, drinking water, sleeping bag or duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases. I'ts not a bad idea to bring indoor shoes, and flashlight - especially in the darker season. Remember instant coffee, there's no coffee machine. 

If need be there is bed space for up to eight people, but it will be a little tight. There is a double bed in a separate room, and 2 single sofa beds in the living room. 4 beds in the loft. Four people provides more space, and two can  enjoy even more. One alone has the whole cabin to himself and can take in the view wholeheartedly.


You may rent bicycles to get around while you are here. We have 1 for 8 - 12 years old, and 4 bicycles for grown ups. You can order from the same place as you order the cabin.